Real Estate Management and Maintenance in Buffalo

 Fibraco LLCFibraco LLC

Fibraco LLC was established in New York State as a management consulting company.
Fibraco has a real estate management division located in Buffalo, New York specializing in regional residential housing projects.
With some retail properties and a management group committed to meeting our tenants’ needs, we have earned a good reputation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to manage good quality houses in the real estate market, to serve the needs of our partners and our tenants as well.


We are in business to serve our investor partners and tenants. When we serve our customers well, success follows.


We value relationships built on years of trust and reliability.

Fibraco LLC

Head office:

2728 Henry Hudson Pkwy Apt. B74 Bronx, New York 10463


Phone: 716-235-3687